Avengers: Endgame

Rough synopsis: Set after the events of Infinity War, the remaining heroes must find a way to bring back their lost allies and defeat Thanos once and for all.

Well, this is it...

The movie everyone's been so hyped to watch...

If you guys haven't watched the movie yet, don't worry, because this is a non-spoiler review, and i really think you should watch the movie and find out what happens for yourself ;)

Overall, I felt the movie was really good-- worth the wait, and worth a watch. It was an epic movie, great screenplay, and full of emotion and humor, as most Marvel movies are.

Plus, this made a truly epic conclusion to the primary storylines of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which after so many movies, is what they deserve.

That's all I can tell you about it, really-- now go check it out!

Rating: 8/10